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slewing bearing

brand: URB Slewing Bearing
price: 面议
Total supply:
Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers 3 Deliver within days
seat: Asia-Pacific China
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2017-05-16 11:45
Browse the number: 1042
Company Profile
Product details
 We are the leading manufacturer and designer of bearings and bearing parts in Luoyang, China. If you have any technical problems, feel free to contact us, and if you have any requirement of bearing, we'd like to be contacted. Thanks for you time.

Four-point contact ball Slewing Ring Bearing
1.Single row with external gear
2.Single row with internal gear
Double row ball Slewing Ring Bearing
1.Double row with external gear
2.Double row with without gear
Cross roller slewing bearing
1.with external gear
2.With internal gear
3.Without gear
Triple-row cylindrical roller Slewing Ring Bearing
1.Three row with external gear
2.Three row internal gear
Four-point contact ball Slewing Ring Bearing
Single row with external gear
VE100544F, VE100744V, VE100980F, VE100980AF. VE100980BF, VE101047V    
VE101114TN, VE101114ATN, VE101140V, VE101205V, VE101250TN, VE101275F     
VE101338VF81, VE101462TN, VE101490TN, VE101810TN, VE101810ATN, VE102335V
 Single row with internal gear 
VI100414V, VI100525F, VI100544F, VI100625F, VI100768F, VI100895FF81,
VI100978FF81, VI100980AF, VI101150TNF81, VI101150ATN, VI101250TN, VI101300L  
VI101300AL, VI101380TNF81, VI101380ATNF81, VI101380CTNF81, VI101380DTNF81  
VI101416TN, VI101595L, VI101615TN, VI101615TNF81, VI101615ATNF81, VI101740TN  
VI101740ATNF81, VI101750FF81, VI101895F, VI102128F, VI102234TNF81
Single row without gear
VU100387V, VU100407TN, VU100414V, VU100544V, VU100544AV, VU100570FP4 
VU100641V, VU100741V, VU100782V, VU100844F, VU100870TN, VU100875V   
VU100890ATNP4, VU100942V, VU100952V, VU101048V, VU101093AV, VU101235F    
VU101355V, VU101500TN, MVU101600V, VU102115F
 Double row ball Slewing Ring Bearing
Double row with external gear
VE201735F, VE201790F
Double row with without gear
Cross roller slewing bearing
with external gear
XE100675F, XE100980V, XE100980ATNF81, XE101418V, XE101782FF81, XE101782AF81, XE102236V
With internal gear
XI100543TNP4, XI101277V, XI101465TN
Without gear
XU100675V, XU101093V, XU101250TN
Triple-row cylindrical roller Slewing Ring Bearing
Three row with external gear
YE301228TN, YE301320TN, YE301765F, YE302100F
Three row internal gear
YI301400FF81, YI301563TNF81, YI301563ATNF81, YI301800F, YI302233FF81
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