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As IVF Portable Quenchometer Test Heat Treatment Quenching Metal bearing QUENCHING OILS

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Model:KHR-AType:Heat Treatment Brand Name:Ke-Hui


KHR-A Portable Quenching Medium Performance Performance detectorKHR E

Direct determination of quench medium cooling rate, compare with traditional indirect method ,it is the more accurately determine the medium cooling performance;

>Quenching media/oil detector
>Portable quenchometer
>IS09950:1995 standard
>China 90% Heat treatment market share

Product principle

This detector according to international standards IS09950:1995 manufacturing, adopt inside pack thermocouple nickel alloy probe testing medium performance curve test method of cooling. Will probe heated to specified temperature (usually for 850 °C), insert the waiting media cooling, through the internal microcomputer system records probe temperature on time and the cooling speed changes with temperature,cooling process curve (temperature/time) and cooling characteristic curve (temperature/cold speed), Also can print the result into form output. According to the above results assess medium cooling performance.


Technical parameters

KHR instrument reliable quality function is well-found, High sensitivity repeatability and reproducibility; Carrying convenient operation easy long service life, is the enterprise quality guarantee system of heat treatment process monitoring the necessary tools, is to improve product quality, reduce heat and avoiding waste effective means.


Product function

  •  Adopts specially made probe for HSS quenching, Stainless steel solid melting ect performance test of cooling medium;
  • Heating process and cooling process of testing, such as induction hardening, large castings and forgings heat treatment process detection
  • Determination of water-based quenching medium in different stir intensity (Tensi method cooling standard device) under the cooling performance.

Cooling curve method and analyzing principle: Maximum cold speed Vmax; Maximum speed Tvmax; wher the temperature of cold 300 °C when cold speed v300; Cold to 600 °C, 400 °C and 200 °C time t400 and t200 t600.


Application: KHR suitable for the field work environment of cooling bath wake control, heat treatment is to improve the product quality, reduce and eliminate waste effective means.

For heat treatment plant

  • Experimental determination of the production parts with a certain kind of liquid cooling groove maximum cold speed minimum and maximum of 300 °C cold speed, as bath monitoring criteria;
  • Cooling bath site regularly detection;
  • Judge cooling bath should replac or to preparation;
  • Detection cooling bath different parts and stir intensity under different cooling characteristics and to optimize the cooling process and equipment;
  • Quenching quality accident (quenching cracks, deformation, not quench) analysis;.jpg

Cooling medium restocked acceptance.

  • For cooling medium production unit
  • Analysis medium composition and characteristics of the relationship, determine the cooling medium composition, Develop new products;
  • Product quality monitoringimg212YA.jpg

    Main Technical specifications


    KHR-A have own two Patent.jpg.jpg154.jpg

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