Rainy and Humid Weather Hygroscopic Moisture Mattress Pad With Super Absorbent Fiber

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Rainy and Humid Weather Hygroscopic Moisture Mattress Pad With Super Absorbent Fiber


Our hygroscopic moisture bed Mattress pad, which is made up of materials(Hygroscopic organic silicon, and surface material Super Absorbent Fiber) of strong water-absorbing capacity, can absorb the moisture in the quilt and the sweat of human bodies to make you have a drier and more comfortable sleep.

You dont need to worry about humid weather any more with such safe, efficient and long-lasting products.
It can not only be used as a mattress, but also a large desiccating agent to dehumidify in chest of drawers, bookshelves, shoe cabinets, drawers and luggage when it is folded.

It can be used continuously for many times, which is economical and environmental-friendly. If the pad has absorbed enough moisture, you just need put it in the sunshine so that the moisture inside can evaporate.




Quick details:


Name Kyoryo Hygroscopic Moisture Mattress Pad Application Use under bed sheet, baby pram, garderobe desiccant in closet, etc…
Material Organic silicon hygroscopic agent, Super Absorbent Fiber Features Highly absorbent wet
Size 20*30, 30*40, 30*100 70*130, 100*200, 120*200, 150*200, 180*200 Aged group Baby,Children, adult, old people
OEM Accept Design Square, rectangle, custom design is available



Organic silicon hydroscopic material:


Organic silicon hygroscopic agent is a kind of highly reactive adsorbent material with intense hydroscopic power. It is usually made by sodium silicate reacting with sulphuric acid firstly, and then a series of process, such as aging, preserving in vinegar and so on. Silica gel, whose chemical formula is mSiO2, is amorphous material. It is tasteless, nontoxic, and insoluble in water or any other solvent. With chemical stability, silica gel is inert to any material except alkali and hydrofluoric acid. As a kind of hydrous silicon dioxide with high developed capillary structure, it is tasteless, odorless with excellent adsorption, thermal stability, moisture absorption and great mechanical strength, etc. So it is practical for storage of instrument, apparatus, leather, suitcase, footwear, textile, food, and medicines. During transporting, it can control the environmental relative humidity in order to prevent articles from moisture, mould, and corrosion.



Kyoryo hygroscopic pads have 600-700g macromolecule organic silicon damp-proof kernel in per square meter. A pad with 180200 metres in area has about 2.3kg of these kernels which makes it have a more powerful hygroscopic capacity!



Super Absorbent Fiber:


Super Absorbent Fiber (SAF), is another newly-developed specifically-functional fiber after Super Absorbent Peucine (SAP). The structure of high polymer of super absorbent fiber is constituted by absorbent perssads and cross-linking perssads and etc. In addition, it is characterized by the functions of excellent absorption, liquid keeping and swelling through the three-dimensional net structure made by cross-linked polymer.

Super absorbent fiber sucks water much faster, which could reach over 90% saturated absorbency in only 10 seconds. SAF can not only absorb aqueous solutions but also extract moisture from non-aqueous fluids (gas or liquid). Therefore, it can keep balance by absorbing moisture from the air.



Various Advantages


1. Excellent moisture absorption

2. Bacteria repellency, mildew resistance

3. Works well on deodorizing sweat and secretion smell

4. Macromolecule material, durability, thermal stability, long term performance

maintenance for repeated application.


---It can absorb moisture strongly as long as be put under the sheet and


---Powerful dehumidify effect can keep the mattress and pad away from

infesting and mildewing so as to preserve clean.

---It can help you to get rid of sweat and secretion smell so that you can have

a comfortable sleeping environment.

---Frequent exposing to the sun can maintain its moisture-proof effect and last

longer, which is quite convenient and economical.



Extraordinary hygroscopicity


Kyoryo hygroscopic pad contains hygroscopic organic silicon and SAF, two kinds of highly efficient damp-proof materials that help absorb the moisture of sheets,which are much better than those currently-used bedding materials in the market like synthetic fiber, wool, silica gel, bamboo charcoal, cotton and propylene .They have a higher absorbing capacity and can achieve an ideal effect of removing the damp in our beddings.



Multifunctional hygroscopic pad:


When it is humid, you must be very worried about the stuff in your closet, bookcase, shoecase, collection-case, drawer, handbag, camera bag and suitcase. Now you can simply hang the pad up, or fold, or roll it up and place it in the places you want to keep cool, then it can absorb the moisture by itself. Its quite easy. Besides, you can endlessly reuse it as long as you dry it up in the sun after it absorbs the moisture. Its really convenient and economical.


For other places that may easily get moisture, you can just put the pad there, and then it can absorb all the moisture. Its very convenient and easy to use.



When to use this Products:


Damp air and plum rain seasons wet our mind. Lying down on bed, we feel wet and awful and in a sad mood, which is not good for our health. Quilts are always wet and moldy in damp rainy days or sweaty summer, even in winter.

In this moment, you need Kyoryo hygroscopic pad!


Put Kyoryo hygroscopic pad under the bed sheets, and the hygroscopic organic silicon material together with SAF can effectively absorb the moisture and sweat, which makes you feel dry and comfortable. So you don’t need to worry about feeling wet when sleeping anymore! Being not electricity-powered, it is more energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and effective, and what’s more, can be used continuously.


And Kyoryo hygroscopic pad which has been upgraded by adding more powerful moisture-proof materials. It sells so well all over the world, especially in

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