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victory waste water filtering machine used in paper mill

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victory waste water filtering machine used in paper mill


Witt ? Waste Water Filter is for solid-liquid separation. It uses high velocity, centrifugal filter to remove fine mesh sieve size larger than the pore size of particulates, without particle density.

Description and specifications of equipment:

For Model BSS30S-2L Waste Water Filter: 54" diameter x 96" high, constructed of type 304SS stainless steel. Stub connections on inlet 8"; screened effluent 16"; rejected concentrate 8". Unit has two (2) 24" diameter inspection openings in the shell. Mounted in Vessel is a nine-sided 30" nominal diameter two level screen cage containing flow splitters, and two (2) removable spray manifolds with spray nozzles. The cage is rotated at approximately 95 RPM by a top mounted 3 H.P., totally enclosed, fan cooled, 380 volt, 50 cycle, 3 phase, Motor. Unit requires nine (9) 10” x 20” screen panels.


Specifications of mounted wire screen cloth:

Nine (9) only 10" x 20" Standard Screen Panels mounted with 145 mesh stainless steel wire screen cloth.

Inlet and spray requirements of VICTORY Waste Water Filter

There are two inlet methods for VICTORY Waste Water Filter at present:

1)  Supply waste water by pump, inlet pressure ranges 0.25~0.6 KG/cm2, better pressure is around 0.35KG/cm2.

victory waste water filtering machine used in paper mill



2) Supply waste water by higher tank(advisable method for steady flow), higher tank water surface and Waste Water Filter bottom has a dro ranges 4m - 4.5m.

victory waste water filtering machine used in paper mill



There are two backflushing water supply methods for VICTORY Waste Water Filter at present:


1)  Adopt filtered waste water.  Extract white water from the filtered water pool and backflushing, before flowing into the backflushing pipeline we recommend installing a pipe filter with less mesh than Waste Water Filter, to prevent blockage of backflushing nozzle. Backwash pressure range at 7~13 kg, 10 kg is recommended spray.  Using the filtered white water to backflush, the backflushing nozzles are easy to be blocked due to a lot of viscous substance in white water, so we need open observation hole , open the backflushing pump every month or every half month, to observe the condition of nozzle and timely dredge blocking nozzle.


2)Adopt water spray.   backflushing water was directly provided from water pipes or water pool, before flowing into the backflushing pipeline we recommend installing a pipe filter with less mesh than Waste Water Filter, to prevent blockage of backflushing nozzle. Backflushing pressure range at 7~13 kg, 10 kg is recommended spray.  Because you are using water Backflushing, the blockage seldom happens,  the nozzle checking cycle may be extended to 3 months or half a year. Water screen can also have longer life.


Main features:

1 after filtering water to meet reasonable standards  spray water
2 closed-loop system to achieve energy savings, fiber recovery; reduce emissions; improve machine operating temperature increased production
3 is the maximum processing capacity of 15.14 m3/min
4 treated water from the normal fluctuations
5 not blocked design
6 high solids removal
7 Low maintenance works.


Filtering Processes

Firstly the water flows in depth of 3 to 4 meters.  The water level reaches the inlet pipe through the central water distributor, and then sprayed through the nozzle tangentially to the inner surface of rotating screen, forming a series of overlapping film. Low centrifugal force generated by rotating screen enough to make waste water a high flow rate through the filter while the closure fibers. Concentrate mesh closure along the inner wall of slipping. Continuous rotation of the centrifugal screen, high water pressure, rotation angle along the external screen flushing spray can help concentrate slip. Screen rotation angle of the spray along the external rinse several times per second, in addition to assisting concentrates slipped, but also as a high-pressure backwash water to clean each filter. Witt ? Waste Water Filter after treatment can replace water as backwash water. Mesh inlet nozzle spray speed and speed combine to closure of some of the particle size of less than sieve aperture. Although Witt ? Waste Water Filter does not specifically used to remove fines and fillers, but they still have some removal, therefore treated Whitewater for spray water nozzle will not clog.


Technical Data

TECHNICAL DATA - White Water Sieve        
Model NO. BSS30S-2L BSS30S-4L BSS30S-6L BSS60S-4L BSS60S-6L
Sieve Plate Size(mm) 260510 260510 260510 260510 260510
Sieve Plate Qty(pcs) 9 18 27 36 72
Motor Power 4KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 15KW 15KW
Inlet Water Volumn Under 147μ Screen Mesh(m3/h)/(43μ Screen Mesh)
0~ 500ppm 200(100) 400(200) 550(300) 800(370) 1070(520)
500 ~ 1000ppm 150(85) 300(165) 400(200) 600(300) 850(450)
1000 ~ 5000ppm 100 200 280 400 600
Backflushing Water Volumn(m3/h) 4.5 9 13.6 18 27
Equipment Height(meters) 2 2.6 3 3 3.2
Equipment Diameter(meters) 1.4 1.4 1.4 2.2 2.2
Water Entrance DN200 DN200 DN200 DN300 DN300
Filtered Water Exit DN250 DN400 DN400 DN450 DN450
Concentrated Liquid Exit DN200 DN250 DN250 DN300 DN300


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