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Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2001 22:05 pm
Post  Title: Provides the basics for a great price.

Johnathan Grant
Since there aren''t any Mac compatible national free ISPs any
longer, Access4Less.Net is a great alternative for me. I haven''t
had any problems connecting to their network.

Download speeds are good even if connect speeds aren''t the
absolute best. I usually connect between 45 and 48k with a 50k
connection once or twice a week.

Download speeds when using a download accelerator range from a
normal range of 4.5 to 5k/sec all the way to 10 - 20k/sec when the
accelerator is really able to \"kick in\". (it only kicks in on certain
files and/or certain web sites)
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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2001 19:08 pm
Post  Title: Great ISP

Signed up on the 29th. Surprisingly stable and good
connection speed. Stayed online for good 3 hours
without much interruptions. Tech support answered my
questions within 12 hours before I even signed up for
their service. Keep up the good work! What a present
experience coming from compuserve and netzero. So
far this is a keeper.
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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2001 9:51 am
Post  Title: name mixup

access4less is related to HAWK
accesscheap is related to clickclickonline
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Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2001 1:17 am
Post  Title: No Access

I attempted to sign up using through their website and
could not get past the sign up page. There is a
problem with the HTML on that page. Most likely they
didn''t configure it to be used with different
resolution/screen sizes.

I emailed their support a few times explaining the
problem, but they never took the time to really
understand, and so I decided to go with Click Click
online. They use basically the same network but do
have 24/7 phone support.
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Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2001 22:40 pm

US Work

The only true competitors of the lowest cost \"good\"
ISPs would be Access4Less and AccessCheap. These
two cheap ISPs are alike in serving the serious
experienced ISP users. QualGuard is a \"Free\" ISP with
a \"catch\" which is active use of background software in
exchange for ISP use.

Again, these two cheap ISPs are not for beginners
UNLESS an experienced ISP user can help in the set-up
a DUN and E-Mail manually on a PC.

REVIEW OF ISPs - Access4Less vs. AccessCheap
Access4Less is a division of Hawk Communications.
Hawk has been offering truly \"National\" ISP for less
than two years even though they been in business for
five years. Access4Less uses the same access numbers
as Hawk. If you have a Hawk user name, you cannot
use the same user name for Access4Less. Access4Less
and Hawk share the same servers and offer the same
ISP features.

AccessCheap is a division of a major ISP reseller. The
major ISP reseller has been in business for two years
offering \"National\" ISP with the four major ISP \"back
bones\" - UU, Quest, Telia, Starnet. The ISP reseller has
been cited as an outstanding ISP with NO ISP user
complaints. This ISP reseller \"buys\" its ISP services
from the same primary ISP wholesale supplier as
SeniorGlobe, ClickClickOnline and several other
outstanding ISPs cited by the FreedomList. Since
AccessCheap resells from the same ISP supplier, phone
numbers will be the same. The difference is that
AccessCheap resells for less in order to gain volume.
The more volume of users means a more stable income

Both Access4Less and AccessCheap use E-Mail to
provide Technical Support. In unusual cases,
AccessCheap may provide telephone support for
complex problems. However, these ISPs are for
experienced ISP users only. The savings in lack of
Technical Support via phone is passed on to ISP users
in lower rates.

Access4Less Network is slightly less than the
National \"back bone\" Networks used by AccessCheap.
However, the ISP connection speeds are not significant
to make a major difference.

AccessCheap has the three of the four major \"back
bone\" networks - StarNet, Telia and Quest. These three
networks cover 95% of the United States and much of
Canada. StarNet and Telia are unlimited use, very
dependable and usually have several access numbers
in a given area.

Access4Less has a solid limited but growing network.
The \"back bone\"
network provides Access4Less with special access
numbers that do not need to have a network domain
entered after the user name. In most areas, there is
only one local access number. However, because their
network is dependable as a major \"back bone\", one
access number is usually enough.

Access4Less provides POP3 E-Mail which is excellent but
the domain Access4Less.net seems a little \"tacky\".
Also, Port 25 is not blocked so you can use another
smtp server.

AccessCheap does not directly offer E-Mail in order to
save expenses.
However, you can use the AccessCheap smtp server to
send outgoing e-mail and use a Yahoo mail account with
POP3 e-mail settings to receive using Outlook Express
or another E-mail Client. Most experienced ISP users
prefer to use their own established E-Mail accounts
anyway in order to maintain some continuity.

Both Access4Less and AccessCheap can be set-up for
Newsgroups but you must do your own set-up because
it is not supported by Tech Support.

Access4Less claims to be the lowest cost ISP in the
United States. Indeed, at $5.95 per month and an
$8.00 set-up fee. Access4Less is cheap. Because of
competition, Access4Less has eliminated the $8.00 set-
up fee for the first 500 ISP that enrolled with them.

AccessCheap can now claim to be the lowest cost ISP in
the United States. At $5.00 per month and a $5.00 set-
up fee, AccessCheap is Cheap. However, because of
competition, AccessCheap has temporarily lowered the
rate to $4.50 per month and NO set-up fee for a limited
time. Payment for AccessCheap is an annual payment.
Because the monthly rates are so low, it would cost
more to collect monthly payments. Also, an annual
payment would \"lock\" in the low ISP rate for a year
while Access4Less could raise their monthly rates at
anytime especially if there is no \"cheap\" ISP

A final thought on ISPs - Most of failures of ISPs in
recent years have been ISPs which own their own
servers and have high overhead costs. In recent
memory, no ISP reseller has ever failed to live up to its
ISP commitments. For instance, SeniorGlobe changed
Primary ISP suppliers several times until it could find
the \"right\" one for their ISP users.

In my modest opinion, ISP resellers with their low costs
have a better chance to provide ISP services over the
long term because they can change primary ISP
suppliers to meet their ISP users better than
a \"hardware\" based ISP.

Again, I am NOT associated with Access4Less or
AccessCheap. My interest is to get as many ISP users
to use these Cheap ISPs in order to keep prices LOW.

US Work
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Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2001 22:35 pm
Post  Title: So far, so Great!

Just signed up for this and for 5.95 and no setup fee
special, it''s just the ticket to wean me off the freebies
(dotnow...dotgone). Simple little 375k install program,
POP email works perfectly.
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Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2001 13:10 pm
Post  Title: Great ISP

I have had access4less for a week now and I must say
that I''m pleasantly surprised. I always connect on the
first try, haven''t had any disconnects, and the speed is
good. At $5.95 a month this is a damn bargain....let''s
hope it lasts. Ciao.
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Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2001 23:23 pm
Post  Title: Still under the microscope

Have been with access4less for a week. They really
are a spinoff of Hawk Communcations ISP. The first
two days I could stay connected hours at a time with no
disconnects, but for the last 4 days I have been getting
disconnected sporadically at intervals from 10 minutes
to 2 hrs. This is common for ISP''s if your not actively
surfing however I was surfing and have a program
which simulates surfing even when I''m not and I still
get disconnected. Their email support has been pretty
and the price is very attractive. Will continue to ride
this pony in hopes of it not turning into a wild stallion
and throwing me of even more frequently.....
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Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2001 13:02 pm
Post  Title: Great deal

I have been using Access4Less for a while. I connect
every time at a fast speed, and never get a busy in my
972 area code. This ISP is for people who do not need
their hands held, they offer great on-line support.
Did I mention that they charge $5.95 per month?
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