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No longer qualifies for listing in our database: raised prices, went out of business, etc
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 Contact: info : info@dotnow.com
support: 515-288-7249 (disconnected)
free disk order: 515-288-7375 (disconnected)

7177 Hickman Road, Level 8C, Des Moines, Iowa 50322
2608 Sheridan Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310
Business Development 515-253-9966
 Description: Dotnow has over 2400 points of presence (POPs) in all 50 states. dotNow! is a subsidary of A-Software.

They have 2 plans:

1. free plan with $19.95 setup fee

2. optimum plan - $9.95/mo (free customer support included)
Lots of complaints about this ISP. Their office phones have been disconnected. Lawsuits? etc

check this discussion for updates about Dotnow!
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