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national isp checkbox National
dun checkbox DUN
personal free webspace checkbox Personal webspace(100 MB)
free web email checkbox Web Email
free pop email checkbox POP Email
newsgroups provided checkbox Newsgroups
faq checkcbox Tutorials online
email support checkbox Support by email
phone support checkbox  Support by Phone
 Contact: P.O. Box 2160 North Hills,
CA 91393-2160

Phone: (866) 477-9378
(818) 891-5941
(800) 600-3285
 Description: 8.95$/mo if you signup for 1 year ($107.40). month to month plan - $9.95/mo.

included: newsgroups, 100 MB of webspace, and 10 email addresses.
Price List
Monthly $9.95
On signup $9.95
Yearly $107.40
Setup fee$0.00
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