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How to find I want to purchase products or suppliers?
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In the flood of product information in, how to find the products they want it. The following are several ways to teach you one minute to learn how to choose products:
The first one: clear keyword search keyword selection is very important to have a core keyword selection tips.
Example: If you want to purchase Bohai saury:
A, in the input box "Bohai saury," then click "Enter" or click the "Search" button, only two records;
B, in the input box, enter "saury" then click "Enter" or click the "Search" button, there are 70 records;
The second trick: Using screening pinpoint do not know if you notice, the product search results came out, each product will have a detailed classification of the product, property classification and rapid screening.
You may need to use these features, faster and more accurately find the most matches your needs from thousands of results.

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