Dialup Internet access providers. Freedomlist is an impartial listing of free and cheap Internet Service Providers (ISP). Currently most of the listed access plans are for 56k, v92 and ISDN dialup services. Stay tuned for updates as we add broadband and other services.

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Most companies provide optional accelerator to speed up your connection.

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  Africa: South Africa (8) Egypt (3) Morocco (1) Tunisia (1) More...
  Asia: Japan (5) Cambodia (1) Cyprus (1) Indonesia (1) More...
  Europe: United Kingdom (17) Italy (5) Greece (3) France (3) More...
  North America: United States (126) Canada (25) El Salvador (1) Guatemala (1) More...
  Oceania: Australia (14) New Zealand (6)
  South America: Argentina (3) Brazil (2) Chile (2) Venezuela (1) More...
Our ISP database has total of 242 free and affordable ISPs listed from 35 countries: 81 free (without subscribers fees or contracts), 161 low cost (generally under $10/month), 4 broadband
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